10 reasons I love working from Inspire Cowork

I was working for years out of coworking spaces in Melbourne and moved to the Sutherland Shire in Sydney to bring up my family. I missed the atmosphere of coworking and there just wasn’t anywhere around that had the creative vibe I wanted without travelling an hour into the City to get it. So I started Inspire Cowork and it’s been amazing. So here are 10 reasons why I love working from Inspire Cowork.
  1. Save 3 hours a day commute and spend more time with my kids instead. Maybe even take the grandparents to the park at lunch.
  2. Focused professional place to do work, away from kids, housework, etc. Time for work and a time for play.
  3. FAST Internet. I just couldn’t afford this type of symmetrical business grade internet connection as a freelancer or small business, it’s not till you get to about 30+ employees would you even consider getting a connection thats 50x faster uploads than a home internet ADSL2+.
  4. Driven & friendly coworkers. I’m often impressed at just how professional, driven and friendly everybody is. It drives me to be better at what I do and what I strive for. It’s also nice to have people to go to lunch with when your a solopreneur.
  5. I get more done. I also contract to corporates and when I need to focus and not be distracted by the office chit chat, the coworking space is filled with dedicated focused businesses, so I end up focusing more too.
  6. Rewarding. Every once in a while you get the opportunity to offer a snippet of advice or help over coffee or at the water cooler, that helps change perspective. e.g. Tell me again what problem you are solving?
  7. Free Coffee. But the good stuff. Its liquid gold supplied weekly by the local roasters White Horse and extracted by a Brevil Oracle.
  8. Anytime access. Really helps when i’m running 5am User Testing sessions with customers in the U.S.A or Midnight sessions with the UK. Keeps it professional and possible since your local.
  9. Everything is local…. Think about it, pick up, drop off the kids, gym, shopping, workplace… all close to home! With saving commuting time and your lunch break being local its another 4hours a day you get back.
  10. It’s cheaper than the commute e.g. a train ticket and a few coffees. ($6.46 each way & $4.50 ea 2 coffees)
Want to know more? Come past and grab a coffee, or checkout the space for a FREE day.

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