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10 reasons why working local is better



If given the opportunity to work locally for less money, would you do it? Working local doesn’t always mean less money, but for most of us living in Sydney, we usually know that the top paying jobs are in Sydney’s CBD or in the business industrial parks which are located in areas with limited residential access. This means a long commute for us living in suburbia.
For me, working in North Sydney and living in the Sutherland Shire, my daily commute is a long one. I have been very fortunate to have negotiated with my company to work 3 days a week out of Inspire Cowork, the Sutherland Shire’s largest coworking space, which allows me to benefit from working local.
Here are my top 10 reasons why working local is better.
Reduce your commute to work
We’ve all done it or are doing it! That dreaded daily commute to work. Whether working local saves you 30mins each way or an hour each way, the time at the end of the week adds up very quickly. Reducing your daily commute allows you to have time for you. 
Better quality of life
Living closer to work gives you a few extra hours a day at home with family or time to meet up with friends. It allows you to engage in your hobbies, join a local sporting team or use the time to further educate yourself. Setting aside time for yourself, your passions and hobbies makes you more productive in the workplace and happier in life.
Support local businesses 
Working local allows you to support your local business. Whether you are buying a sandwich for lunch or stopping off at the grocery store to pick something up for dinner, you are buying local rather than on your commute home.
Save money
We all know that commuting is expensive. Whether you drive to work and have to pay for petrol and the wear and tear on your car, or the cost of public transport, it hurts the pocket. Additionally, as you are waiting for your train or bus there is always the temptation to buy a coffee and a pastry in the morning or a drink or snack on the way home.
Less stress
Commuting can be incredibly stressful. With the work day getting longer, the consistent issues with public transport and the terrible traffic on the roads, working closer to home will alleviate so much pressure and stress. A study conducted by Canada’s University of Waterloo discovered a direct link between your commute time and well-being. It was found that commute lengths are linked to a sense of time pressure. People who spend the most time on the road experience higher levels of stress as they constantly feel hurried and out of time. 
If you work local and close enough to bike, walk or run to work, it gives you a great opportunity to get your workout in before and after work. With this, not only do you gain your fitness, you also save money. You will arrive at work already mentally stimulated and your productivity will sky rocket. You will get home relaxed as you have time to de-stress and put your mind at ease before walking through the front door.
More sleep
If you’re anything like me, I need my sleep to function. When I commute to the office I need to be up before the crack of dawn to be at the train station before 7:00am to make it to the office by 8:30am. When I work from the coworking space I only need to wake up at 8:00am to make it to the office by 8:30am. Depending on the kids, this usually gives me an extra 2 hours of sleep in the morning, or an extra 2 hours with the kids.
When I have enough sleep I find that I am more productive, much more creative, my decision making skills are on point and my concentration is sharp.
Working close to home allows you to get things done in your personal life. Whether you decide to go before work, on your lunch break or after work, you have the opportunity to visit your local doctor, shopping centre or bank etc. It also allows you to drop your kids off to school, or if you forgot something at home you can quickly race back to pick it up.
Home in time for dinner
For those of you with kids, you know that it’s not often you get to be home to sit at the dinner table with them and enjoy a meal. I’m very fortunate that when I work from the coworking space, I am able to do this. When working from the office, if I’m lucky to leave by 5:00pm I only get home by 7:00pm. Dinner then gets pushed back till about 8:00pm.
Have a routine
Having a routine is so vital for your mental stamina. It provides you with structure, creates positive habits and increases your efficiency. It is important that your routine isn’t only getting up for work, commuting to work, working, commute home from work, eat dinner and go to bed. This has an adverse effect of what a routine should bring to your life. A routine which has a positive impact on all aspects of your life is important to your overall well-being.
Are you ready to quite the daily commute? Get in touch and I’ll share the steps you need to take to work remote.

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