10 ways to get the most out of your work day

Productivity-thumbnail-1 Productivity is a key metric in the business world, but there is no better metric than the way you feel about yourself after a productive day in the office.
Here are 10 ways that will help increase your productivity and make you feel like a champion!

  1. Wake up early and exercise
    Exercise increases blood flow to the brain which in turn increases your brain functionality. It keeps you alert and focused throughout the day and kicks up your energy levels. For me, running, in particular gives me time to think and be creative with no other stresses involved. All I hear is the patter of my feet hitting the pavement and my iPhone playlist motivating me to move. I allow for my mind to run away from me which leads to breakthroughs in creativity and better ways on how to handle certain situations.
  2. Coffee
    Coffee is my morning bliss! Filled with antioxidants and of course caffeine, coffee helps boost my energy levels in the morning and gets my mind started for the day ahead.
  3. Write / Review your to-do listproductivity
    A “to-do list” gives you direction for the day. It helps with your time management and typically minimises procrastination. It is important to keep your to-do list achievable. There is nothing more de-motivating than having a list filled with items which you know you won’t have time to achieve. It is about the quality of your actionable items over the quantity of them. Be strategic in what you spend your time on.
  4. Do what you dread first thing in the morning
    Once you have prioritized your to-do list, complete the most important and toughest task first. The longer you have the hardest task or the task which you don’t want to do on your to-do list the more you will procrastinate throughout the day.
  5. Have a healthy lunch away from your desk
    Food is your brains’ fuel to work. Although an easy and sometimes a cheaper option, carbs and fatty foods are a poor choice as it gives you a spike of energy before providing a massive low leaving you lethargic and lose focus. Eating a healthy lunch, with low GI foods, allows your energy levels to be maintained for the rest of the day, providing you with a clear mind and motivation to do what you need to do.As difficult as it can be, you have to take time away from your desk. This provides clarity and kicks up your energy levels. Go for a 10min walk after lunch. Grab some fresh air and come back to your desk refreshed and ready to work.
  6. Make time to have a conversation with someone in the office
    Working in a coworking space makes this incredibly easy. Surrounded by like-minded people, you have the best opportunity to have a chat about anything which can bring inspiration and creativity to your work.
  7. Have healthy snacks prepared for the day
    If you are snacking throughout the day you are less likely to eat bad foods which make you feel gluggy. Making healthy snacks the night before or on a Sunday night for the week provides you with energy and prevents you from procrastinating by leaving your workstation to try to find something to eat.
  8. Limit the time you check your phone – particularly your social channels
    For some of you, social media is your job, this doesn’t mean checking your own personal social feeds is a good idea during the work day. This is a procrastination tool of note and can be incredibly distracting for your day.
  9. Make time for your team
    Your team is only as good as you are and what you communicate with them. Transparency is key and can provide motivation like no other. Spend time one-on-one to ask them how they are doing and provide insights on how they can do better.
    If you are working for yourself make time for you! Take 30 mins to brainstorm ideas – run it past like-minded people. Get those creative juices going and run with them.
  10. Spend your last 25-30mins of the day recapping what you’ve accomplished and create a to-do list for the following day
    Your biggest impact and success is preparation. Before you leave the office for the day pick your most important tasks for the following day and schedule them on your calendar and add it to your to-do list. Scheduling is important as you can manage for time and how long it should take you to a single task.

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