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Covid-19 and Inspire Cowork

With restrictions easing our priority is to continue to provide a safe work environment for all members. We have implemented the following COVID-Safe policies and procedures inline with Government recommendations.
If you are feeling unwell STAY HOME.
If you have even the slightest of symptoms, as per Government recommendations you are to GET TESTED and STAY HOME until you return a negative result.
Additionally, if you or a member of your household have been in contact with a confirmed case that you follow all Government advice to ISOLATE and get tested. Staying home until the isolation period has finished and you have returned a negative result.
If you test Positive to COVID-19 you MUST inform us immediately so we can begin contact tracing and conduct a thorough clean of the entire premises.
A reminder to download the COVIDSafe App.
Conditions of Entry

  • Do not enter if you are feeling unwell.
  • Members MUST enter through the FRONT door on their first entrance into the space for the
    day and check their temperature before entering. If the temperature read is RED – No Entry is permitted.
  • All guests MUST check their temperature on the thermal temperature machines located at each main entrance on each floor before entry. If the temperature read is RED – No Entry is permitted – please arrange to reschedule the appointment.
  • All members must swipe their access card on entry (if you are with a group of other members, each member must swipe their card so that it registers your card for the day)
  • All members and guests must practice good hygiene including hand sanitising and maintaining physical distancing.

Procedures already in place:

  • Inspire Cowork is registered as a COVID Safe Business
  • Deep clean of all floors regularly – Our Cleaners are COVID-19 Infection Control Certified
  • Hand sanitisers are located at bathrooms and entry doors
  • Sanitised air-conditioning filters including treatment for ongoing sanitisation
  • Increased the frequency we disinfect high touch point areas such as meeting rooms, door handles, entry points, lift buttons, kitchen
  • Increased temperature on dishwashers to sanitise mugs, plates and cutlery
  • Temporary removal of communal apples
  • Temporary cancellation of Inspire Cowork member events
  • Do not bring family members into Inspire Cowork
  • If you are needing to look after children, please arrange to do this from home
    • If you feel sick stay home
  • Email Inspire Cowork if you or a member of your team is exposed to Covid-19
    • Wash your hands as per signage guidelines before using any kitchen facilities
    • Do not touch each other when greeting and sanitise hands upon entry to the space
    • All meetings must be conducted in meeting rooms as we are regularly sanitising these areas.

Unless you are one of our Level 1 appointment based businesses, please sanitise your office after each appointment.

  • For all meetings and appointments, we ask to please follow the below
    • Ensure guests are sanitising their hands before entering the space
    • Ask customers to not attend appointments if they are unwell
  • As per current policy:
    • Do not let guests roam the halls unattended
    • Guests are not permitted to enter or use the kitchen facilities

Please ensure your business policies and procedures are in line with Government regulations and requirements and that all staff are up to date with Inspire Cowork and your businesses policies and procedures.
At a high level we remind everyone to have an increased level of hygiene including washing of hands regularly and before using any kitchen amenities. We will be enforcing these policies and procedures. We ask for your understanding if we have to speak to anyone about following these policies during this time.
Kind Regards,
Lital & Aidan

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