2017 Resolutions

Setting a New Year’s Resolution which counts

The holidays are over, kids return to school and business is back in full swing. Welcome to 2017!
2016, for many, was a mega rollercoaster ride around the entire world. No matter how challenging or amazing your year was, turning the page on a new year is always motivating, as it’s somewhat a fresh start.
For many of us, living the entrepreneur life, you probably took a pause during the holiday festivities, to sit and ponder what you envision for your business in the year to come. The ideas which float out of your mind and onto paper can be audacious, simple or generic, which is all great as you have something to work on. With these ideas, usually, comes the dreaded New Year’s resolution. Did you make yours?
A New Year’s resolution for many is deemed to fail. Many people set personal or business resolutions which are overzealous and ultimately set you up to fail. This is not only demotivating but can be detrimental for your business or personal endeavours.
As you officially start your year back in the office, take a moment to re-evaluate and determine your purpose for the year.
Here are 3 resolutions we think you can keep to, which will make for a successful 2017…

Don’t take things at face value:
In the world of social media, it’s become apparent that we need to question everything. With content flooding our inboxes and social media pages, it is important to know which ones to sift through and which to take seriously. Part of this process is asking questions. For many years, I perceived that asking questions was a sign of idiocy, an inconvenience to class mates or business professionals. I couldn’t have been more wrong.  The most inspirational and admired entrepreneurs will be the first to tell you this. The likes of the late Steve Jobs, Sir Richard Branson, Elon Musk & Bill Gates are just a few which come to mind.
As an entrepreneur, the owner, and leader of your business, you tell yourself that you’re the one which needs to have all the answers. The pressure of this results in failing to do what we were taught, that is, if you don’t know something, ask. Whether it’s asking why? Or asking for advice, constructive criticism, or simply what does that mean? It is one of the most valuable traits for an entrepreneur to learn.
A skill to master as an entrepreneur is not to know all the answers, but to know the right questions to find the answers.

Focus on networking:
Networking is by far one of the most important and valuable tools you can use to your advantage. It gives you access to people which can open up huge opportunities to grow your business and your entrepreneurial career. It allows you to identify and meet potential mentors and influencers within your field, gaining access to their knowledge and inner circle.
Whether you’re a start-up business or already well-established, this is where a coworking space can be so powerful. Networking events is a great way to expand your network and increase business opportunities, although, where a coworking space trumps that, is the fact that you have access to many like-minded people on a daily basis at your fingertips.
Inspire Cowork is officially the largest coworking space in the Sutherland Shire. With 50 coworking desks, 22 studio offices, 5 meeting rooms, 5 phone private phone booths, 6 balconies and 2 kitchens, we provide businesses with an all-inclusive package which draws like-minded people to our space. Working alongside 35 businesses, the networking opportunities are endless.

Make time for you:
When the buck starts and stops with you, it’s difficult to switch off. As an entrepreneur, you feel like you’re under constant pressure and always need to be working, pulling those 80-100 hour weeks just to get things done. As a result of this, you slip into a burnout mode and become automated. This is damaging to your business and all the hard work that you’re putting in, for the reason that there is little to no creativity and innovation being formulated. As a result, your business will more than likely slip through the cracks and end in failure.
Making time for yourself is about finding a few hours a week to do something you’re truly passionate about. This could be running, yoga, painting, family time or even shopping. It needs to be something which gives you no stress or pressure and which invigorates your soul. With this, you will find a renewed energy which will flow directly into your business.
2017 already has a positive feel to the year. As you go about setting your resolutions for the year and jumping head first into your business, take the time to evaluate your goals. Don’t be too hard on yourself, make them realistic and achievable. Ensure you find time for you, and remember to have fun!

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