The We-Conomy: Disrupting the status quo

shutterstock_255798454-ConvertitoEvery successful entrepreneur, freelancer, business operator or organization have a recipe for their success.  The million-dollar question is… What ingredients are in the secret sauce? At Inspire Cowork, we believe we have figured that out and it all starts with an army of WE.
In the wake of the 2008 financial crises the world changed as we knew it. The “I, Me, Mine” mentality dissolved into thin air and in its place came an economy built around sharing, trust, purpose, collaboration and creativity. As Billie Howard likes to put it “we are building an economy of We-Commerce and returning to our small-community origins”.
With natural disruptors entering the economy with a big bang! We are left questioning why are we not jumping on the bandwagon. Brands like Netflix, Airbnb, Uber are just a few who have taken the essence of a we-conomy to disrupt the status quo. They have built their brands around creating a culture that encourages trust and sharing.
So how does this tie back into the coworking phenomenon? It is no secret that currently Coworking Spaces are primarily utilised by small businesses and freelancers, but what is more exciting is the pressure that the we-conomy is putting on larger organizations. There is a current paradigm shift which is being seen prompting changes to the traditional corporate world. In today’s business-sphere there is no longer room for the old-school mindset where males dominated the corporate world with a mentality of ‘it’s my way or the highway’. “Today’s businesses must be able to learn, adjust, and then tell a story that inspires others to action” Billie Howard.
The world is changing from a “Do It Yourself” mentality to a “Do It Together” phenomenon. The ‘Do It Together’ phenomenon is at the heart of the new age of We-Commerce and part of that is the Coworking Revolution. Coworking is here and it is here to stay. With the instant collaboration, low-cost office space, endless networking opportunities and the ability to learn new tricks, the only question left is… What is stopping you from joining the we-conomy in the way of a Coworking Space?
To close I will like to take an excerpt out of Billie Howard’s book “We-Commerce – How to Create, Collaborate and Succeed in the Sharing Economy” which sums up the future of today’s economy.
“As the world unites in pursuit of a common good that rewards the many over the few, the idea of creating experiences that elicit pure emotion surrounding the core values of peace, empathy, love and joy will become the fundamental business competency of the age. At this juncture, despite all of the global strife we are currently witnessing, the trends of our economy point toward a coming global age of cooperation, understanding, and collaboration.
The further we move away from the collapse of 2008, the further we will move away from a world powered by money and toward one powered by shared experiences… In the future, everything from office space to servers will be shared with an eye to improving efficiency and promoting creativity and collaboration”.

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