10 Reasons Why Coworking Space Improves Productivity

With so many distractions available online these days it can be difficult to get into a focused and driven mind frame when at work. However, if you’ve ever looked up efficiency in the workplace, you will understand and know that the most productive context in which you can work, is in a coworking space. If you’re facing the options of working from home or looking to make the jump to your own office, coworking could be the more effective and productive choice.
Here are the top 10 reasons why coworking space improves productivity:


Fellow coworkers give you the motivation and inspiration to learn and thrive. Coworking spaces provide employees with the opportunities to get good advice, collaborate with other employees on projects, and discuss consolidated practices, thus providing new and valuable knowledge and allowing creativity to thrive.


Collaborating in a workplace and sharing office space with coworkers is a recipe for new and prosperous connections to be founded. If you’re within a similar environmental context, it is just a matter of time before you meet new people and are able to gain a new perspective on your job that might just motivate you to work a little harder. Plus, in your lunch break, if you want to, you have people to hang out with.


Having a network of colleagues working together in an office space provides information and possibility of serendipity. Creates a great foundation for meetup events and making connections. Who knows, you might even collaborate with some of your office partners.


One of the great benefits of sharing office space with other people is the supportive and encouraging network of people you will have around you. These people can motivate you and help you whenever you have trouble, as well as sharing expertise and providing invaluable peer support.


Because you’re working in an environment in which everybody around you is working, you will be motivated to work as well. It’s human nature to become adapted and evolved by the people around you; if the social norm is to be working productively, you will be encouraged to do the same. It’s a basic psychological principle and it will apply.


Your home office definitely won’t be as well-equipped as a shared office and entrepreneur community. With meeting spaces, comfortable chairs and desks provided (as well as a kitchen and coffee machine!), the luxury of your workplace will motivate you to achieve more. There is also high speed internet, wifi, network printers, and more… You’ll feel so at home you’ll want to sleep there.


Inspire Cowork provides unlimited fresh ground high-quality locally roasted coffee, baristas have tuned the machine and taught members how to keep the coffee flowing professionally. Also a selection of speciality teas, something to sip while you work, as well as free access to as many as you want. If this doesn’t motivate you then I don’t know what will.


Ready access to so many business connections means that you will be able to meet a tonne of new people and potentially collaborate (if you want to). If you’re an entrepreneur you might just meet your next client in your shared office space. And vice versa; if you like something that anybody else has to offer you can utilise their services too.


Obviously work isn’t all about making connections but it does help when instead of dreading the solitary confinement of your personal office, you are actually looking forward to coming into work. Remember that human beings are social creatures, and that we thrive off interaction with other people. Having people that you are able to share a common interest with in your workplace might just push you to achieve more.


If you work from home, it can be hard to distinguish between everyday home life, and actually doing your job. Performing your daily duties in a coworking space helps people to keep their personal and work lives separate. If you have Foxtel and a screaming baby at home, it can help to come into an office and do your job in a distraction free environment. This is why a shared office space is seriously helpful.

  • In the United States, 71% of coworkers reported increased creativity
  • 64% of employees said deadlines were easier to hit
  • 68% said focus had been drastically improved
  • 62% of employees said their quality of work got better
  • 70% reported that they felt healthier and happier than they did working by themselves
  • 92% were more satisfied with their coworking space
  • 60% were more relaxed at home since coworking
  • 91% of people have better interactions with others
  • 90% said they felt more confident when coworking

Coworking is not for everyone though the statistics above are convincing that you might be surprised that it works for you. Research proves that working in a collaborative environment around people who have common interests and similar attitudes to work can be extremely effective and beneficial for not only you but also for your business performance. So I put the question out to you… Are you willing to give it a go?
If you have any further questions or queries, feel free to comment or contact us and I will be happy to have a chat or grab a coffee.

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