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Serviced Office VS Coworking – Sydney Australia

The verdict is in, being stuck in a room by yourself or with your small team might sound like a good idea for privacy but there is a reason coworking is exploding in growth and thats because it helps you grow your business. Being around other growing businesses gets you to think about working ON your business instead of only IN your business.
Checkout the latest Google trends graphs in the last 10 years:
Serviced Office vs Coworking - Sydney Australia - Miranda
The growth in interest is on coworking. Coworking is not only for startups, it’s open to freelancers, companies wanting to be around innovation or even corporates letting their employees working from their local area (AKA Workhubs) instead of spending 2hrs or more on the commute.
Coworking in Miranda - Shire Cowork
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