Time to make yourself comfortable: Take a seat at your dedicated desk at Inspire Cowork.

Inspire Cowork Logo2The ‘sharing-economy’ is at the forefront of today’s business world. As a result, the demand for flexible working initiatives has risen in the recent years with a spotlight on the current trends of remote and collaborative work environments.
Inspire Cowork is a place where you get your work done whilst being inspired by others. Co-Founders, Lital & Aidan Green have made it their mission to provide a working environment which supports collaboration, openness, knowledge sharing, networking, innovation, and accountability. This is what coworking is all about!
At Inspire Cowork we know the importance of having stability in a very competitive business world. As a result of providing that stability, Inspire Cowork offers members their own dedicated desk space which you can call your own in a community of local business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers.
We appreciate the value that a coworking space can provide your business. We also understand the stresses and financial strain of a start-up. As a result, we do offer flexibility in the space. We work on customizing part-time memberships to suit the needs of your business to ensure you get the most out of the coworking space.
If you’re still not totally convinced… That’s cool! Give me a call and I will love to show you the space. We offer a free trial for a day to see if the space suits you.

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