5 major differences between a coworking space, hot desking and private offices:

With the increased demand and popularity of coworking spaces, there has been quite a lot of confusion within the market of what the difference is between private office space, hot desking and coworking. We are here to clear things up.

Coworking Spaces:

  1. Coworking is all about growing your community
    Coworking spaces come in all shapes and sizes. What they all have in common is the emphasis on collaboration and networking. It is all about fostering your community and creating business opportunities through new networks.
  2. Creating a positive working environment
    Coworking is centred around creating a working environment which supports collaboration, openness, knowledge sharing, networking, innovation, and accountability. It is a place where entrepreneurs and freelancers come to work for themselves but not by themselves.
  3. Your own desk
    At a coworking space, you have your own dedicated desk. You set up your desk the way you like it and that’s the way it’ll stay. No need to pack up your belongings at the end of the day and saves you the time in the morning to get straight back into your work.
  4. Work with like-minded people
    When you’re starting up a business, it’s always difficult to find the time to interact with friends or family. A coworking space allows you to be immersed in an environment where you meet and engage with like-minded people who can help offer fresh eyes or feedback to a business idea or problem.
  5. Better internet connection
    You will find that coworking spaces typically have a faster internet connection to your normal corporate office building. The use of the internet is part of everyone’s daily work routine and the quicker it is, the more productive you become. With many coworking spaces disrupting the status quo with the upload and download speeds, it provides a great space for businesses to work from 


  1. Hotdesking is a workspace sharing system
    Hotdesking is used in activity-based working to allow groups of people to form and work together on projects then disband as the project ends.
  2. Drop in for a day 
    If you are travelling interstate, and your time is on the road but just need a space to get some work done. Hotdesking gives the flexibility to share spaces.
  3. Hotdesking at your company vs hotdesking as a service
    When hotdesking gets introduced into corporate offices it tends to get a bad name from people losing their dedicated space. This is not what coworking spaces are like. When hotdesking is offered as a service in a coworking space, the dedicated desk is normally also offered along with a private office. Simply providing the flexibility.     

Private Office Space:

  1. Privacy
    Many people like the idea of having a door which they can lock. If you are in an industry where you are dealing with highly confidential information, it provides a sense of security that you can lock your door. It also offers workers the advantage of escaping from the perceived peering eyes and ears around the office.
  2. Increased productivity
    The privacy of your own space allows people who typically lack attention when there are a few distractions around the opportunity to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. Without the distractions of other people on the phone, the sound of typing or watching people get up to make a cup of coffee can lead to greater productivity.
  3. More space
    A private office typically means more space. This may not be a big deal to many who only use their laptop, although can be a huge selling factor to those who need filing cabinets or a small desk to hold one-on-one meetings within their space.
  4. You don’t feel part of a team
    A private office can be quite lonely. When you get into your groove and just pump out content or numbers etc. you can forget where you are and the fact that people may be around you. You lock yourself in the office and don’t have the opportunity to take the time to collaborate or speak with like-minded people who may be around you.
  5. Expense
    A private office is typically more expensive than the other shared workspace options.

So if you’re looking for a coworking, co working, co-working, cosharing (yes many ways of spelling the one word – read our blog about this one 😉 ) check us out!

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